1. Ideas. An initial period of consultation will be arranged to discuss your ideas. This allows us to make a design proposal and formulate a quotation. We dedicate time to creating a detailed proposal to ensure a well reasoned and flawless end product.

A collection of samples from the standforth kitchen material library

2. Attention to detail. The next stage in the process is about refinement. We ask questions of each and every detail, as small as it may be, to deliver a high quality, highly considered design that will bring you timeless pleasure. We like to think of each of our kitchens as a collection of impeccably designed products, not only high quality materials and workmanship, we only use high end ironmongery, hinges and drawer runners. All things are considered, we don't cut corners.

Once the layout of the kitchen and design details have been approved we will issue a Service Drawing for your building contactor to amend or install the necessary services for the required appliances.

A bespoke drawer box from European oak in a standforth kitchen

3. Making. Hand made to fine tolerances each one of our cabinets is produced and assembled in our own workshop. Each cabinet project is fully assembled (known as dry fitting) in the workshop to ensure our high standards are maintained, before disassembly and cleaning prior to delivery. Appliances can be organised through our own suppliers, these are also dry fitted before packaging and delivery.

A selection of tools in the standforth workshop

4. Installation. When your space is ready, (we supply service drawings earlier in the process) the installation will begin. We are accredited fabricators of Corian solid surface, or if specified we are able to work with trusted suppliers of natural and manmade stone work surfaces. Standforth delivers a professional, high quality service, we have a passion for what we do.

The sink area of a standforth bespoke kitchen, Corian work surface, stainless steel sink and tap